Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bad Blogger

Ok this will be the last time I say it but I'm a bad blogger! I've been slacking off big time. This is where it stops! I have recently moved to the country and Internet there is slower than Christmas which has put a damper on my cyber social life. I'm going to start updating my blog once or twice a week to talk about my progress on projects and then at the end of the week I'll post the pics. Yay! Anyways, right now I'm currently working on a rose necklace, re-doing my slouchy green and grey striped hat, and another giant headband made from some handspun yarn I got for Christmas! I have completed an oversize headband with a huge bow, a mustache necklace, and a braided necklace. Also in the past few months I have started to learn to crochet a little I'll be making a hippie headband (hopefully)and I found a pattern for some really cute hair clips. I'll post pics of most of these Friday so until then I'll be knitting for ewe!

♥, Morganne

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